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Messaging - A2P & P2P

A2P refers to application to person messages (an app, alert, 2FA, etc.) and are generally related to a "transaction". ... P2P refers to person to person messages (a person sends a message to another person).

International Toll Free Services

Businesses can let their customers call them, from anywhere across the world, without them paying a dime for the call. What's more? You can route it to your landline, mobile phones or the PBX systems.

Global Wholesale Voice

Traditionally, the buying and selling of international wholesale services were done at major industry events or operator-to-operator.

SMS Firewall Solution

SMS Firewall, the ideal SMS anti-fraud solution for mobile operators. Protection includes monitoring of SMS traffic, detection of fraudulent messages, alarming and blocking of fraudulent messages based on criteria defined by the client operator.

Fix Line Voice Services

It can be seen as a connection to an end customer, by means of a cable, through which a user can make phone calls or connect to the Internet. Fixed-lines are clearly separate from the mobile phone network, by which end users are connected to the network via wireless transmission technologies.

IDNP is a large independent dynamic & innovative based Internet Service Provider (ISP) company with an immense experience in building converged next generation network.


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